Behind the Scenes (v.0.95)

This project, POACHERS, was my original 'exercise' to learn EditDV. It was destined to be wiped from the hard drive, but I decided to finish it quickly and upload it here.

Special thanks:
Special thanks goes to Jonathan Slatter (YOPO MUSIC) for the title song taken from 'Music To Voice Over 5'.

Equipment used:
Canon XM1 (PAL version of the GL1), Sony ECM-MS957, Sharp MD-MS722, EditDV 2.0, After Effects 4.1, Goldwave, CoolEdit2000, MediaCleanerEZ...

Interesting facts:
1) Some really cheesy titles that were done in EditDV were replaced with After Effects' ones. Some of the titles done in EditDV were left in. Some of the end titles are too small.

2) When my daughter saw the finished movie for the first time, she said: "Yuck, Dad, now I have to go and wash 'Horsey'!


Scan of the actual storyboard!