Website Video Example Cut on EditDV

by Norbert Fuerst

As we started to use Internet as a means of exchanging
thoughts and vision I'd like to present you with a 26 sec.
clip I did with EditDV.
The source footage was done by some other cam crew on
BetacamSP and put to VHS tape, then dubbed to DV format.
The overall length was about 9 mins. and I was asked to
edit it for the use in Internet. The overall time for
editing the final clip was about 2.5 hours, including
streaming to and from DV tape and rendering (note the small
PIPs in the second sequence an the slo-mo of the black
skater at sec. 20 or so...

However, the final cut was in QT PAL full screen /
progressive scan when I returned it to the agency they used
QTPro 4 at the Mac to get it to the shape it is now.
Because of making it usable in Internet there were certain
compression techniques used, such as color reduction,
re-sizeing and compression - it harmed the quality
(sometimes badly) but as the numbers show, people like it
(about 2.000.000 hits per month). As the server is pretty
busy with this site, loading may take a while (2 mins) but
however, it's some example I can present without any
efforts on my side - it's already done :)

In case you like some entertainment now, point your browser

At the opening homepage look up your language (german or
english) and check the button below ("Get Intro Video" or
the like).

To give you some explanation: Lech is a famous alpine
skiing area which is regularly visited by the middle/upper
class people from all over the world, including royals like
those from Monaco, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. It is
about one hour from where I live and sometimes in winter
when snow blocks the streets the only way to get in or out
Lech is by the means of a helicopter. You can get any
additional information using the site and as I'm not
related with the success of either Lech nor the Website
please don't ask me anything about skiing in Austria as I
don't know anything about it.

Enjoy the ride



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