Thank you for your interest on this wishlist for CineStream. Please keep in mind that the following list is based on the experience, needs and expectations of several users, and that in a lot of areas I have expanded on these ideas to include ways I think these features could be implemented (which means there are a few slow loading images below of new or improved interface elements I've mocked up). The different wishes reflect a certain work habit. I compiled this list as a reminder for the development team at Discreet. Although it might appear that we all just complain about CineStream the opposite holds true: Most of the users are very satisfied with the snappy response and the crisp quality, CineStream offers for non linear editing (NLE). Note that the illustrations were created before Cinestream was in Beta (so they are based on EditDV). Note that some folk will think some features are just bloatware, and I know there is a heated debate over whether or not to allow a new 3rd party plugin format to be used in CineStream, ...these are all issues to be taken on board, but I have listed all the most popular requests so that the development team at Discreet can get an idea of the views of its Cinestream users. Please also note that there are numerous references to other Non-linear applications, in some cases this was the best way to explain a good (or bad) implementation of a requested feature.

BLUE text below indicates a new feature added or modified since the last time this list was updated.


Editing Enhancements For Better Workflow

A basic Find utility that searches the bins in the current project would be a very good start, but in the example above I have used the Advanced Find from MS Outlook Express as a basis to produce a more powerful media sifting tool. I have changed the radio buttons, etc, to make more sense in a video environment. CatDV already allows huge functionality in organizing and searching for clips across projects, so it would be kind of nice to have some of the same abilities within the software. As you can see above, I have made it so that you can search All Projects, All Bins, or select a specific named Bin from the current project from which to perform the search. You can then type in a name, tape number, timecode, etc (in the above example where it says CLIP NAME, that pulldown selector would basically mimic all the fields available in the list view for a bin, ...again I would like to stress that it would be very handy to add time and date to the fields available in that view), ...plus add multiple criterion to help narrow a search (this becomes important if working with large numbers of clips, ...searching all projects would do this, ...may I make the suggestion that searching all projects only searches Cinestream/EditDV projects within the current "Project" directory, to simplify things and allow people to only place those projects they wish to search in that same folder). This search would then bring up a list of clips, in the traditional List bin view we are used to (although it would be a separate window, not a new bin, ...but the bins list view settings would apply, and multiple criterior would ensure the order in which things are listed (e.g. clip name then tape number then timecode, ...or whatever you specified in the search), as well as the standard list fields of a standard BIN it would have a fields that said which Project/Bin that clip came from. From this view you should be able to click on a clip and get it to come up in the source monitor for editing, plus you should be able to select multiple list items and hit a button which puts them into a new BIN (good for collecting a lot of shots from a big project or from multiple projects, ...for clips from other bins in the current project, secondaries would be made conforming to the source medias total duration). Below is a basic idea for the resulting report screen produced by doing the above advanced search.


Capture, Import & Export Enhancements

Filters,Transitions,Effects & Rendering


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