Official CineStream/EditDV Help:

On this page you will find many links and articles for how to get the best out of your CineStream editing system,
but if you require technical support here are the details for contacting the Tech folks at Discreet regarding CineStream.

NOTE: Have your serial number details ready when you contact these guys.

Phone support is available 9 am - 9 pm EST, Monday - Friday (excluding certain international holidays)
Hotline: 1.877.discreet or 1.877.347.2733
Global: 1.514.954.7550
Fax: 1-514-954-7254

Customers in Europe, Middle-East and Africa can receive technical support from 9 am - 5 pm GMT.

+44 870 241 0416 (support in English)
+44 870 241 0418 (support in French)
+44 870 241 0417 (support in German)
+44 870 241 0419 (support in Italian)
+44 870 241 0436 (support in Spanish)

Fax: +44 870 241 0420

Other Help Links:

Go to our links page for more helpful sites including the user forums (listservers), which should be your first port of call if none of the above links can help out.

(not much here yet as you can see, feel free to submit any workarounds you may have, ...especially any workarounds that the techs at Discreet have shared with you for a particular problem)



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