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Note that below we have tips for CineStream and for EditDV. For those who don't know CineStream started off its life being called EditDV (under the company banner of Radius, which then changed its name to Digital Origin, and then was bought by Media100, ...which is when the name change came in, CineCtream3 is effectively EditDV3). Anyway, a lot of the older tutorials that refer to EditDV will also work with CineStream.




An additional source of information on how to do various things within CineStream/EditDV is to do a search of the FAQ database. Click here to search.

Also check out the great Advanced CineStream/EditDV Techniques Tutorial CDROM for more great tips on how to get the best wow factor from CineStream or EditDV.


From Mike Jennings, a former Technical Head at Digital Origin, we have this collection of additional tips, tricks and general notes on using EditDV, ....definitely a handy collection of articles that add a lot to the product manuals information. Note that the tips have been written with an older copy of the Mac version of EditDV in mind but a some of the operational tips are applicable on current versions of both platforms as well.

  1. Introduction about these notes
  2. EditDV Transitions
  3. Sample Rates and Project Presets
  4. Audio Import and Export
  5. More Audio Surgery
  6. Importing Animations
  7. More Keyboard Tips
  8. Building New Filter Plug-Ins
  9. Building New Transition Plug-Ins
  10. EPS Logos, Clip Art and Alpha Channels
  11. Editing in Segments
  12. Quick Cutaways
  13. Controlling Processing Order






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